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Logo Trends of 2018

Much like meeting someone for the first time, there’s usually one stand out thing about a person that (hopefully) makes them memorable. Well, the same can be said for your brand. That small, interesting thing? Your logo, of course. This crucial visual mark pops up in all kinds of places; from your Facebook page to your stunning website to your business cards. So you want to ensure that it’s on point, on trend and aligned with your brand.

While cropped letters, ombre colors and negative space were the winning trends of 2017, the new year is gearing up for a whole new set of creative, fun and wild logo trends.

But before we get to what 2018 has to offer, here are some golden principles to keep in mind when you create a logo.

Simple: Great logos feature unique elements without too much detail. Versatile: Aim for one that will look good across all different platforms and devices. Appropriate: The font, colors and design of your logo should be a true representation of your brand. Unique: You want your logo to sparkle in a sea of competitors.

Here are the most popular logo trends of 2018 ... Let’s dive in.

01. Creative typography

Some of the greatest logos out there are purely text based. Why is it so effective? It’s simple, straightforward and carries the name of the brand. But don’t confuse simple with boring. 2018 is the year for creative and imaginative typography. Irregularity is the key to achieving this trend.

A couple of examples include:

Split typography: While always maintaining readability, these fonts explore “splits” or breaks between letters. Resulting in unique designs with thousands of variations to explore.

Chaotic typography: Letters are organized in a non-linear formation creating an effect of organized chaos. The finished product is striking and bold! Perfect for a casual, playful brand. Hand written effect: Hand drawn logos offer a quirky and authentic feel that typed letters are restricted by. This effect offers a true representation of your brands personality.

02. Bright colors

Considering that the majority of the content we consume is displayed on a screen, this opens up the opportunity to use and display color in perfect high quality. Saying this, the color variations for logo design are literally endless. Take advantage of this craze by using a vibrant palette that’s sure to draw in the crowds. Let your creativity run free, however the colors you choose should still be aligned with your brand. Do take into consideration that should you want to print your logo, the colors used may look different in print and will substantially affect the cost.

03. Geometric shapes

This unsurprising continuous trend of 2017 has held up well in the design world. The simplicity of geometric lines and shapes allows for endless creation! The beauty of these seemingly basic lines and shapes is that when they are combined, layered and designed correctly they produce a clean, elegant and easily recreated visual mark of your brand.

04. Social media optimized logos

As a business owner you already know the importance of having a strong social media presence and a consistent “look” throughout. Which brings us to our next point. While not a trend per say, optimizing your logo for your social media profiles is vital. Considering that most platforms offer a square area to display your prized jewel you want to make sure it fits nice and snug. This updated version could be a variation of your initial logo or you could make the change and solely use the optimized version across all your branding materials.

05. Subtle animation

There’s no denying that 2017 was the year of video. The trend was so powerful it even caught the attention of logo designers, which is why we saw a surge of “moving logos” created using animated GIF’s. While they may be subtle, these eye catching movements are sure to breath a bit of life into your logo. The best part? Almost any existing logo can be transformed with an additional touch of animated magic.

06. Digital paintbrush

Remember the days of finger painting as a kid? Well, this trend will take you right back to the good old days. The style showcases something between a hand drawn logo and a digital creation. What makes this style so appealing is the illusion of the brush-like texture as well as the combination of bright and bold colors.

07. Letter stacking

Spice up a textual based logo by playing around with the spacing. Letter stacking strategically places letters above, below and side by side of each other in order to create a unique layout. The condensed format is ideal for companies that have longer names. When the letters are stacked, the font essentially becomes your entire logo. And voilà! You’ve got yourself a super catchy, great first impression kind of logo!

It’s important to remember that: at its core, a good logo should accurately represent your brand and act as a symbolic piece of artwork that truly reflects your biz. You don’t want to lose the essence of your brand between all the crazy fonts and fancy trends. Rather, use the trends as a way to rejuvenate, update or strengthen your logo.

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