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Want to get your name out there? Do like Dubai and create your own font.

Not content with having the world's tallest building, biggest shopping centre or a massive island shaped like a palm tree, Dubai is getting its name out there once more, all-be-it in a slightly less flashy style: being the first city in the world to get its own Microsoft-designed font.

The specially-commissioned typeface developed in partnership with Microsoft comes in both Latin and Arabic script, and will be available in 23 languages. It now becomes the official font for all government correspondence.

'Create harmony'

The font was announced on Sunday morning in a series of near-simultaneous posts on Twitter from a regional division of Microsoft and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai who was personally involved in the development of the font. It was "a very important step for us as part of our continuous efforts to be ranked first in the digital world," he added. "We are confident that this new font and its unique specifications will prove popular among other fonts used online and in smart technologies across the world".

Dubai's government said the typeface's design "reflects modernity and is inspired by the city" and "was designed to create harmony between Latin and Arabic".

More info on - Download the font here

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