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10 Tips to Make Your Brand Popular on Instagram

Recently Instagram has established itself as a social reference network in terms of image. But it is not always easy for brands to understand its use, and especially to know success and commitment.

We propose these 10 tips to make your brand popular on Instagram. Obviously, these are simple tips and relatively simple to assimilate. There are surely others, but they will already provide you with a good base to venture into the sometimes-hostile jungle that is Instagram.

Be regular in your publications

It may sound simple and obvious, but not for everyone. Regularity is the key to success. Instagram is a demanding social network that requires investment and time.

Of course, you do not have to fill your feed of photos all day long to attract new fans. Nevertheless, it is important to allocate time and think about sustaining your profile. Relay your news, react to news ... All opportunities are good to offer visual content to your fans. Use it.

Maintain a well-defined editorial line

Internet users like it when everything is clear and well defined. If you usually only share photos of monuments, you may very well suddenly surprise them if you start sharing pictures of food.

Try to keep a clear and organized editorial line that is relevant to your business and your values. At first glance, users must be able to identify what your photos are trying to transcribe.

Interact with your followers

As with any social network, it is important to have real discussions with your followers. Even if you remain in control of your publications, consider interacting with your fans to the fullest. Social networks have been designed to allow for two-way discussions.

Remember to respond to comments, to respond to your fans who contact you by private messages. The more closely you have a close relationship with your followers, the more they will be loyal and will retain a positive and sympathetic image of your brand.

Get to know the tastes of your followers

Knowing your followers is a bit like knowing your clients. It is therefore important to know what they like, to look at the hashtags they follow or what they share in their publications.

Take some time to discover the profiles of your followers. It is a good basis for knowing how to direct your communication on Instagram in order to always meet their expectations.

Use the right hashtags

More than on any social network, hashtags are predominant on Instagram. They allow to define clearly the editorial line of the different profiles, to know what we will find there and to target the expectations of Net surfers.

Think of using trendy hashtags that match your brand, your values, your DNA. Hashtags used intelligently on your publications can allow you to attract new followers to your account. The icing on the cake: create your own hashtag and try to make it popular to federate real digital ambassadors around your brand.

Do not neglect your descriptions

Even if Instagram is a social network that draws its interest from photos and videos, you should still pay attention to the textual descriptions of your various publications.

Take time to describe your photos, initiatives, and operations. The goal is to tell your followers a real story about your brand, which will reflect your editorial line. Beautiful photos / videos, decorative texts, right hashtags: in a few words these are the keys to success on Instagram.

Share the publications of your followers

Your followers are the best ambassadors of your brand on Instagram. Take the time to discover the publications and people who talk about you and your products.

From time to time, give them importance by sharing the best publications of your followers. This is the best way to make them happy, make them feel important and to show on Instagram that your brand is appreciated ... and has value.

Develop your own visual style

As was said earlier: Instagram is the social network with a strong focus on aesthetics. Its users like to spend time working their photos, playing with filters and production to publish beautiful creations.

You should also build a real visual identity to your brand on Instagram. If the flagship color of your brand or product is blue, consider working with your photos so that blue is always the dominant color. Think of using the same filters and the same tones for your publications, it is an additional element to privilege a clear and consistent editorial line on Instagram.

Do not neglect your profile

People spend their time discovering the photos and videos of different people on Instagram. However, your profile should not to be neglected. Think of working it to make it attractive, and explain in the shortest possible way the positioning and values of your brand.

This is also the only place on Instagram where you can place a clickable URL that redirects to a website. Use this field to highlight your latest publications on a regular basis.

Post at the right times

Knowing how to reach your audience is important, but knowing when to do it at the right time is even better. Instagram is a social network where you can spend hours scrolling through photos, but it is also very easy to miss a publication that was posted a while ago.

Experts agree that the best time to post photos of food on Instagram is usually between noon and two (which is rather logical, you will say). For the "Business" pages, Instagram now offers a special tab that lets you know when your audience is most responsive. Ideal for knowing when to post!

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